Sleep Research And Science

New Frontiers In The Fascinating Scientific Quest To Understand Sleep (Under Construction!)

sience of sleepWhat gets me excited when it comes to the science of sleeping, is just how much there is left to discover! At the current time there is only a general agreement on what sleep is for, with memory formatting / learning processes the current favorite.

At the same time the neurophysiology of sleep is becoming clearer by the month. Brain chemistry, new scanning techniques and breakthroughs mapping brain areas to different functions or behaviors is giving brand new insights. Drug research is benefiting from the massive computing power now available, and combined with the latest breakthroughs in neurophysiology… The picture here is one of a ‘virtuous circle’ where researchers are able to benefit from each other’s breakthroughs. Sleep research is accelerating, and each new innovation is uncovering new questions and areas to investigate. If that gets you excited, then you have come to the right page!

(Link to some of the major science articles here, overview of brain chemistry / circadian rhythm, mystery of dreaming / evolution(?))

Mysteries Of Sleep Still To Be Uncovered

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#1 – Brain Chemistry

#2 – Insomnia

#3 – Why We Sleep At All

(Note: new reseach on this one here)

#4 – The Link Between Sleep And Memory Formation

#5 – The Purpose Of Dreams

#6 – The Future Of Sleep

#7 – The Link Between Sleeping Disorders And Medical Conditions (both ways)

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Science And Sleep – The Quirky And Fun Parts

Sleep science is mostly a serious business, with dedicated research centers, big budgets and focus from ‘Big Pharma’ too. At the same time, there are plenty of fun avenues for budding scientists to enjoy, covering the animal kingdom as well as insights into the psychology of sleep, dreams and sleeplessness. For readers who feel like exploring the lighter side of sleep research, you can either check my daily news blog, or read some of the fun articles below!

4 of the lighter articles here