Sleeping In Airports

Stopovers At International Airports Can Now Include A Nap!

Fortunately, instead of sitting in a crowded concourse, there are a growing number of options for travelers wishing to get some rest between flights – and some come with a shower, TV, internet connection and some welcome privacy.

The latest innovation in this field has just been introduced at Abu Dhabi airport – a hub for the middle east in general and a common stop-over for people traveling between Asia and Europe too. They now have chairs which cover themselves to give users privacy and a flat bed. Known as sleep-pods, this option also includes an internet connection. They can be hired by the hour and the airport has plans to go from 10 to 36 soon after a successful trial.

Sleep-pods certainly look futuristic – though maybe a little too cramped for my tastes.

Next , the NapCab sleeping cabins at Germany’s Munich Airport give you a little more in the way of comfort. A windowless cabin containing a comfortable flat bed and a desk area (along with an internet connection) can be yours for between 10 and 15 Euros an hour, depending on the time of day., with a minimum 30 Euro charge.

These look like a nice compromise between a pod and a mini hotel room to me, I would certainly consider them if I had a layover in Munich of more than a few hours.

Hotel / Sleeping Cabin Hybrids

I took advantage of a cabin at London’s Heathrow airport on my way to Thailand last year, and was very impressed with the cabin and value for money. This was a mini hotel room with an elevated bed, TV, desk and shower / toilet area. It had a window out onto a central corridor and an internet connection was available too.

A little more expensive than a cabin, the hot shower between flights really made up for the cost, and snacks were also available via the reception (I did not try them). These by the hour hotels are becoming more common – the Zootel in Heathrow terminal 3 certainly gets my recommendation though.

Of course, if your layover is 12 hours or more, the big hotel chains will be happy to collect you from the terminals and take you to a more traditional hotel room instead.

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