Extreme Sleeping Environments

Your Handy Guide To Sleeping In Space, The Jungle, Bear Country Or Event The Arctic!

Next time you turn to switch off your light and enjoy a comfortable night of sleep, spare a thought for the pioneers who sleep at the extremes. Another light-hearted article today, I’ll start off with the cold of polar explorers, then up into orbit, next into the deep of the jungle, before returning closer to home to look at how hunters can stay safe in bear country

Extreme Sleep – The Polar Explorers

Nowadays there are all sorts of lightweight super warm materials available, yet the pioneering explorers of both the north and south poles 100 years ago did not have access to these – so, what did they use to keep warm. The answer was to take a leaf out of the book of the creatures who were already best suited to life in the cold. The great explorers used sleeping bags made of reindeer skin – great for keeping the frostbite away. It must have been a tough moment for those guys when they realized that they desperately needed to take a bathroom break in the night!

Extreme Sleep – Sleeping In Space

The problem with sleeping in space is the lack of gravity means there is no ‘down’. Not only would you float around unless attached to something, so would your pillow and mattress. The answer is two-fold, first pillows need to be strapped to the space travelers head, then the sleeping bag needs to be attached to the wall. If you find yourself sleeping in space you’ll also need to tie down your alarm clock!

Extreme Sleep – In The Depths Of The Jungle

If you find yourself wanting to sleep in the Jungle you’ll have to prevent yourself becoming a snack for the thousands of insects, spiders and ants which become active at night. Avoid being close to the ground with a hammock / mosquito net combination and have a tarp over the top for the rain. One extra thing, make sure you check your boots in the morning before putting them back on – there is no telling what kind of creepy-crawlies have found their way in during the night!

Extreme Sleep – Bear Country

Key to avoiding the unwanted attention of a bear is smells – particularly food smells. Bears are opportunistic and will sniff out food over long distances, though they rarely choose to confront people unless surprised or cornered. Make sure any kitchen area is 100 feet downwind from your sleeping area, and hang any smelly items from nearby trees to stop them attracting the bears in the first place. For further protection, bear proof canisters can be purchased for your backpacks and other items.

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