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There is only room for 10 or so news articles on the main blog page before things get too cluttered, so I have created this archive page for the ones which fall off! These are great articles, informative news posts and some entertaining pieces... If you enjoy them, please spread the word about the SleepWellTimes by sharing the piece on Facebook, another social media site - or just telling your friends - thanks!

If you came he looking for the 'missing' Week In Sleep posts for September, I'll have to disappoint you. Putting this site together took every waking our outside of my work, and I was not able to research and write these pieces. These weekly updates (along with a new article every working day) will reappear in October.

Michael Jackson's Strange World Of Sleep: RIP Jacko - This article looks at many of the strange sleeping habits which were reported about Michael Jackson while he was still alive and after his untimely death.

This Week In Sleep - August 18th: This weekly roundup reports on a link between Apnea and Glaucoma, a new app which records sleep wirelessly, and a strange tale of a lady from New Zealand who drove 300km while asleep!

This Week In Sleep - August 23rd: Sleep Texting is apparently going to corrupt and entire generation (according to the UK's Daily Mail), also some sad news about a BoA intern, and news on sleeping while pregnant.

This Week In Sleep - August 30th: A possible treatment for jetlag makes the press, but the study is for mice, also links to a fascinating report on what sleep experts do to get a great night of sleep!

After Lunch Meetings / Conference Sessions And Sleep: Many people feel sleepy during after lunch speaker sessions at conferences - this article explains the digestive truth behind this effect!

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