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Meet Mark – Owner And Chief Writer For The SleepWellTimes

Hi, I’m Mark, welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy the content here, which is the result of my life-long fascination with the world of sleep! I am a journalist and freelance writer - not a medical professional – who first developed an interest in Psychology at school after being inspired by a teacher who projected her passion for the subject to her students. I eventually went on to complete a BSc degree in this subject in the early 1990’s. After that my career kind of got in the way, and only now have I made time to produce a site which the amazing subject of sleep really deserves.

What I love the best about the subject of sleep is just how little is known about it.

Sure, compared to a couple of decades ago we are way ahead in terms of treatments and understanding of previously mysterious sleep behavior or disorders. The great thing is that we are truly only just scratching the surface of something so huge that it takes around ¼ to 1/3rd of our lives!

Scientists are still debating why we sleep, why we dream and the neurophysiological basis of common sleep disorders. With a subject this deep and this fascinating – who could fail to be awed!

Please Read This Before You Contact Me:

I’m always happy to hear from readers, subject matter experts or anyone with strong opinions on topics covered here, and will take your suggestions for article topics or amendments seriously.

Having said that, there are many types of people I really do not want to hear from, these include:

- Advertisers: I am keeping The SleepWellTimes advert-free for as long as possible. No flashing banners, no 'recommended' products, no ebooks or other commercial links… I'm a realist, and will admit I'll have to take ads at some point down the line, however this will be of my own choosing and will have to be of particular interest / benefit to my readers - for now please, do not write to me.

- SEO Consultants / Social Media Consultants: I really do not care how many links or social likes or traffic you can send me… I will not sell you a link, or buy one, or accept your spammy guest posts or get involved in your seedy, shady, spammy world in any way, shape or form… please, do not write to me - ever!

So, if you read the rules and still want to get in touch, I'll be very happy to hear from you - my e-mail address is Mark@thesleepwelltimes.com

Just one more note: Before enjoying any more of my content, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with my Terms Of Use.