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Uncovering The Mysteries Of Sleep

What fascinates me about the world of sleep, is that there is so much yet to discover. Some of the fundamental questions, including the big one of why we sleep at all, are still the subject of scientific debate. Add to this subjects like dreaming, insomnia and changes in circadian rhythms due to food, drink or medicines and you start to realize just how much of a mystery the subject of sleep is.

Advances in our understanding are happening all the time at dedicated research centers and universities around the world. Cumulatively, these advances help the millions of people suffering with sleep disorders. New treatments, drugs and insights into sleep environments can only improve things further. Having said that, for me the best thing about new research that it uncovers yet more areas for future researchers!

Today’s Lifestyles And Sleep

For many people, modern life is fast, demanding and often stressful. While our ‘standard of living’ has never been better, we pay the price with over-work, unhealthy diet choices and unnatural schedules. There is a delicate balance to be struck here, as the natural sleeping cycles are easily disrupted – leading to today’s situation where millions of us suffer from sleeping disorders.

Ironically, it is the treatments that many people use for disrupted sleep which compound the problems further. A good example would be drinking alcohol in order to de-stress from the day and fall asleep. This can lead to lower quality sleep, and tiredness the next day can lower performance (for example at work), which leads to higher stress levels and so bigger insomnia issues. For this reason, experts recommend that you examine the causes of any issues – rather than just treating the symptoms.

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